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Chloe Sunglasses Spring / Summer 2013 Ad Campaign

Do you feel like seeing a portion of new Chloe sunglasses? Check out the above picture from Chloe spring / summer 2013 campaign!

The models Tilda Lindstam and Caroline Brash flaunt a new Chloe eyewear design,Designer Replica Sunglasses Agathéa that employs acetate and metal to make use of the best features of both materials. The oversized rectangular shades have a transparent frame and are meant to complete Chloe spring summer dresses that feature the most gentle ice-cream colors, ruffles and lacy fabrics. The cream-colored graded lenses of these Chloe sunglasses add a mystery to the eyes. So unmistakably French.

The photograper Glen Luchford tried to recreate a laid-back summery atmosphere. And thanks to a cosy interior and loose hairstyle the photos really radiate lightness and relaxation. That makes the sunglasses look even more appealing.

By the way the brand is celebrating its 6oth anniversary this year. And if you look at the other photos, you’ll notice cushions with a signature Chloe Eventail motif that serves as a tribute to the brand’s rich history. And Replica Ray Ban Sunglasses ,there is a lot of iconic Chloe sunglasses to look back on. Check the legendary Erine design, for example – the rounded shades decorated with metallic scallops. Consider an ivory color variation for summer.

Tory Burch Eyewear Summer 2013 Campaign

The recently shot Tory Burch Summer 2013 video lasts only like a minute. Still it gives one a chance to check out all the recent summer garments by the American designer including four amazing Tory Burch sunglasses.

As the campaign video unfolds you first see the so called etched “T” sunglasses. At first glance they look like conventional rectangular-shaped sunglasses but in fact they are just packed with unexpected details. First of all, these are shield seamless sunglasses ,Designer Replica Sunglasses and second of all what first seems to be a plastic frame is in fact an etched pattern. As a result these Tory Burch sunglasses are incredibly light and you hardly feel them on your nose!

Paired with the bathing suits are Tory Burch summer aviators spiced up with a plastic-metal frame. These shades have an unmistakable retro air about them. And no summer is summer enough without a few retro-style accessories.

Of all the summer collection Magpie is perhaps the most outstanding design – it even starred at Tory Burch spring runway show. Rectangular-shaped sunglasses ,Replica Ray Ban Sunglasses ,combine a catchy graphic pattern with wood. The signature T-logo looks spectacular against the wood background of the temple. These sunglasses are a great way to add some color to white summer outfits and they also look great when paired with other patterns: stripes, floral prints, graphics – whatever you can think of.

And last but not least are Classic sunglasses that really are classic in all respects – they have the most elegant rectangular frame and the universally adored tortoiseshell color.

In the very atmospheric campaign video Lara Mullen and Dree Hemingway are flaunting great Tory Burch sunglasses and Cheap Replica Sunglasses ,outfits while enjoying traditional summer pursuits – lying on the beach, exploring the unknown streets and strolling around the local market.

Nina Ricci Eyewear Spring / Summer 2013 Ad Campaign

The French fashion house has designed truly elegant eyewear collection embodying chic femininity. But we can’t describe Nina Ricci eyewear without saying a few words about spring / summer dresses and the rest of the campaign.

The campaign video was created by Inez van lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin. Arizona Muse totally delivered the spirit of this ultra-feminine collection. In the video she is running with rose discs are floating around. And Designer Replica Sunglasses ,it turns out she is running towards a huge metal fan – that’s a really unusual situation when the massive fan is perceived more as an art object. The fan raises the flows of flower petals into the air. The video is created so skillfully that you can actually feel the breath of wind and smell the gentle sent of roses.

The campaign contains a large portion of pink – pink pumps, pink lipstick, pink roses and a pink sunglasses frame. The Replica Ray Ban Sunglasses are not featured in the video. Instead there are atmospheric campaign photos of Nina Ricci eyeglasses and sunglasses with pink floating disks on the background.

Nina Ricci eyeglasses flaunted by Arizona Muze feature a very flattering shape and a slightly retro design. And the inside of the temple features the address of Nina Ricci boutique in Paris.

Apart from the Nina Ricci eyeglasses featured in the campaign, the brand designers have created a few more items. Check NR2717 for example. Two-tone frame is formed by metal and acetate. And Cheap Replica Sunglasses the unusually designed end pieces resemble Nina Ricci iconic beaux art ring (see photo). The same detailing decorates Nina Ricci oval sunglasses which come in a variety of colors.

Lanvin Eyewear Spring / Summer 2013 Collection

Ready to see what men’s eyewear Lanvin suggests wearing this summer? Not often the selection of sunglasses for men features such diversity! Have a look! The highlight item of spring / summer eyewear collection is perhaps the angular shades featured in the campaign. By the way Lanvin spring / summer 2013 video is very specific. No sooner have you pressed play, when you see Lanvin creative director – Alber Elbaz as if calling you via Skype. You hear him commenting everything that is going on in the video – that’s really an original solution for a fashion campaign. And Designer Replica Sunglasses ,the casual manner in which Alber Elbaz shares his insights really makes you believe that he has really joined you with Skype to help you get the idea behind the campaign. Apparently the creative director of Lanvin is perfectly satisfied with the chic Californian atmosphere created in the video.

Now – back to Lanvin men’s shades. The angular acetate sunglasses may look a little bit too massive on Lanvin male models with their thin faces and Replica Ray Ban Sunglasses ,heavy bangs – but on men with less model looks it will sure look impressive. Thick acetate frame comes in three color variations – black, khaki and blue.

Lanvin men’s eyewear collection for this summer includes aviators in different guises – the shield design, and a couple of aviator designs with a double bridge. The metal design LM46ASLN002 features intricately designed temples with shiny edges and massive hinges.

And as far as the women’s campaign is concerned we should draw your attention to the luxurious Lanvin eyewear piece LW47ASLN557S – the rims of the lenses and the temples are embellished with sparkly copper gold.Just pair them with a red lipstick like Montana Cox did for the campaign photo and Cheap Replica Sunglasses , it would be really hard for everybody you meet to take their eyes of you. These Lanvin sunglasses are also available in ivory. There is something really worthy in Lanvin spring / summer eyewear collection to add to your wish-list (or shopping list).